IT Solutions

Software Solutions

Software Designing & Development .
Software Solutions
We are providing
major  software  solutions for Accounting  packages, computerize billing system, billing  systems  based  on barcode readers.

Web Solutions

Web Programming & Site Designing.
Web Solutions
We are providing
major web solutions for Web designing, Maintain your   existing   website, Web  based  accounting software to monitor and maintain.

System Maintains

Maintain & Design computer systems.
Computer Systems Maintain
We are providing computer system designs and    maintain    computer system  in  your  company and upgrade them as you need.

Web Designing and Development

We are designing web pages and web based software using modern technology to gain high quality and professional standards matching to future trends.

• Designing web sites for your business with low charge. Get a professional standard to your business by publishing
  a professional web site.
• Maintain your existing website and update with latest contents.
• Web based monitoring software to monitor your business when you are not in the position.
• Web based accounting software to monitor and maintain your branch offices.

Our Facilities

Designing and Maintains
Our creativity team has intelligent and creative developers who are always willing to improve business performance of our clients. We maintain and  update  new and latest  content  to
                             your   existing   website   with   signing
Web Bases software
Our web based accounting and monitoring software help our client to watch their day today transaction from anywhere in the world.
Free Web Hosting
Publish and upload your site into our virtual store without any charging which should be designed by our company. This will be a great opportunity for clients who are
                            expecting our service.
We are responsible of maintain and update contents and information to web pages design by us. We are monitoring web sites to prevent virus attacks and hacking attacks.
NegoIT, a reputed business organization is providing solutionsfor your all web designing and implementation requirement according to your demand.